The Chinese University of Hong Kong (hereafter “the University”) is committed to promoting and maintaining an environment free of sexual harassment for its staff and students.

In September 1995, the University approved the Policy Against Sexual Harassment (hereafter “the Policy”) and established the Committee Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment (hereafter “the Committee”) to implement the Policy.

As managers and supervisors, your contribution to help implement the Policy and prevent sexual harassment in the University is important.

Message from the
Vice-Chancellor and President

The University is committed to promoting a culture of equality and respect, and maintaining an environment that is free of sexual harassment by taking all necessary steps to eliminate and prevent its occurrence.

Sexual harassment is prohibited by law. The University will not condone any act of sexual harassment and any allegations will be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately under the University’s policy against sexual harassment. Supervisors and managers, in particular, play significant roles in the implementation of the policy by taking appropriate preventive measures in individual departments/units.

The University has developed an online training module on prevention and handling of sexual harassment. Members of staff carrying leadership and management roles, as well as frontline colleagues who may be the first point of contact on matters about sexual harassment are required to undertake this module. The module highlights the obligations and responsibilities of managers and supervisors in preventing and responding to situations in relation to sexual harassment.

Your participation in the module is critical to the University’s collective efforts in promoting a sexual harassment-free environment on campus.

Prof. Rocky S. Tuan
Vice-Chancellor and President

Message from the
Chairperson of the Committee

Welcome to the Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Module.

As part of the University’s ongoing efforts to improve its prevention and response to sexual harassment, a comprehensive Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Module has been developed for supervisors and managers. The training module covers the role of supervisors and managers in handling or responding to sexual harassment situations and the University’s policy and procedures that are in place.

This online training module will take less than 30 minutes to complete the whole module. If you have any questions or comments about it, please contact us at 3943 8716 or

Thank you for your participation in our ongoing efforts to provide our staff and students with a sexual harassment-free campus.

Professor Lee Tan
Committee Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

One of the measures that the University has taken to implement the Policy is to ensure that all members of the University know their role and responsibilities in preventing sexual harassment from happening and know how to deal with it if it happens.


This online training module has been developed to

  1. explain why you need to know more about sexual harassment and how to deal with it;
  2. provide a definition of sexual harassment and help you to identify behavior which may constitute sexual harassment;
  3. help you understand how the University deals with claims of sexual harassment and explain your role in the process; and
  4. let you have an understanding of the relevance of administrative law and procedural fairness to the University when it deals with sexual harassment complaints.

Target Users

Is this module for you?
If you:

  • have leadership and management roles in the University
  • may be the first point of contact for a staff or student concerning matters about sexual harassment,
  • The target users include but not limited to the following staff:
    • The Vice-Chancellor and President
    • The Provost
    • Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Vice-Presidents
    • Associate Vice-Presidents
    • The University Secretary
    • The Registrar
    • Deans of Faculty and of the Graduate School
    • Department Chairs
    • Faculty and College Secretaries
    • Heads of Administrative Units
    • College Heads and Masters
    • University and College Deans of Students
    • All members of the Committee Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
    • All members of the Panel Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
    • All members of the Task Force on Education and Training

If you are not sure whether you should take this, contact the
Committee Secretary.

How to do it?


There are in total five sections as shown in the menu bar.


Please complete all sections in sequence.


However, it is not necessary to complete the whole module at one time:

  • Log in with CUHK OnePass staff email address ( and password to start working on the module
  • Log out at any stage you wish
  • Return to the same point or visit any previous parts by logging in at a time convenient to you
  • Track your progress, please click on “My Profile” on the top toolbar; if you wish to start afresh, click “Reset Progress” button in “My Profile”

The whole module lasts for approximately 30 minutes; you will be awarded a certificate with your name printed on it after having successfully completed the module.

In each section…


You will be guided through one topic in each section.


To obtain an explanation, examples or further information on a subject:

  • Click on the text which is highlighted in pink for more information before you could move on to the next.
  • Click the icon for further information or hyperlinks to useful websites if you wish.

At the end of each section, you are required to answer two questions correctly before moving on to the next.

If necessary, you may revisit any part of the module by clicking the side bar on the left of each section.

Need Assistance?

Contact Committee Secretary if you have any questions about the content of the module.

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